Want to be a COFFee?

No cream or sugar necessary. Interested in starting a company? Want good company? Joining company of female founders means that you will get to know and spend time with like-minded individuals. All genders are welcome to join and participate in the conversation.

Here is our team of dedicated COFFees!

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Hi I’m Rachel and I am a junior from Eastampton, NJ. When I first heard about COFF, I was excited because I wanted to be a part of connecting women Entrepreneurs. Additionally, I wanted to be a part of filling the void of women mentorship in the Entrepreneurial space and I look forward to being able to do that through COFF.

Hello! I’m Madelynn P. and I’m a junior from northern CA. I have worked  for female entrepreneurs the past two summers and can’t wait to bring more entrepreneurially minded women to campus! It has been great building a community of women on campus who make things happen.

Hi I’m Maria T. and I’m a Junior in the EEB department. I am pursuing the Entrepreneurship Certificate and have been involved with various Keller Center programs - TigerChallenge, PSIP, and COFF! As a female trying to break into the world of entrepreneurship and VC, I am inspired by this group and hope that we can bring awareness to campus. One day having a female CEO won’t be a novelty.

Hi my name is Grace M., and I am a junior from Bainbridge Island, WA. I am passionate about being a COFFee because of the unique challenges that women face in entrepreneurship. As a sociology major, I am particularly interested in technology that impacts how we function as a society.

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a sophomore from New York. I recently became interested in entrepreneurship and wanted to connect with other entrepreneurial-minded students on campus. I was thrilled to have come across COFF since the organization enables me to connect with fellow female entrepreneurs as well as have a great support system. I am so excited for what this year has in store!

Hey! I’m Jay, from Scottsdale, Arizona, and I’m currently studying Computer Science. With COFF, I want to connect female students with females leaders in the professional world. Especially after interning at a startup and taking entrepreneurship courses, I am excited to be more involved in Princeton’s entrepreneurial community!


I’m Madeleine C., a junior in the COS department from San Francisco, California. I’ve had experiences at different startups working as the only female employee and working for a female founder- both have shown me how important it is to encourage women in entrepreneurship! I’m super excited to see what this group has in store!